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[Cantabile Tips] #2 - Watch the Walk-through Videos

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  • [Cantabile Tips] #2 - Watch the Walk-through Videos

    Tip #2 - Watch the Walkthrough Videos

    There's no quicker way to learn Cantabile than by watching the walk-through videos.
    • If you're just getting into computer based music I recommend starting with the first video "Getting Started". It covers all the basics - everything from installing Cantabile to downloading plugins and loading them into Cantabile.
    • If you have previous experience with VST plugins and other DAWs then I recommend starting with the second video "Ports and Routes". Ports and routes are a key concept in Cantabile and once you've learned about this you'll be well on your way to understanding how Cantabile works.
    • If you're about to setup your system and you're using Cantabile Performer you should definitely watch the "Fast Song Switching" video - it shows the best way to setup your songs so you can quickly switch between them.