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[Cantabile Tips] #4 - Keyboard Shortcuts

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  • [Cantabile Tips] #4 - Keyboard Shortcuts

    Tip #4 - Keyboard Shortcuts

    Did you know just about everything in Cantabile can be controlled using your PC keyboard? This can be a great time saver over fiddling with the mouse. Here's some handy short cuts to get you started:
    1. Any command in the main menu can be accessed via Alt+<menuLetter>+<commandLetter> (look for the underlined letters in the menu)
    2. Arrow Keys work just about everywhere
    3. Use Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right to expand and collapse groups
    4. To re-order things, use Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down
    5. If focus is in a side panel or control bar, pressing Escape will bring focus back to the main work area
    6. Or, you can press Shift+Escape to close the panel/bar and return to the main work area
    7. Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab will switch tab panels

    Finally, you can create you own keyboard short cuts - just to to Options | Hot Keysand you can configure things however you like.