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[Cantabile Tips] #5 - Plugins Too Tiny?

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  • [Cantabile Tips] #5 - Plugins Too Tiny?

    Tip #5 - Plugins Too Tiny?

    If you're running on a high-resolution monitor, you might find that the editors for some plugins appear too small. This is because Cantabile supports high-resolution monitors but many plugins haven't yet been updated.

    If this is causing you problems, the work around is simple... just to to Options | General and turn off Enable High-Resolution UI. The UI won't be as crisp but the plugins will now appear at the correct size.

    If you're interested in understanding more about why this is the way it is

    With the increasing availability of high-resolution screens on Windows machines, I’ve started to receive a few support requests about plugins that appear with a very tiny user interface. The problem…

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