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[Cantabile Tips] #7 - Check Your Cables

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  • [Cantabile Tips] #7 - Check Your Cables

    Tip #7 - Check Your Cables

    If you're having seemingly random issues with the stability of your rig, one thing you should consider checking is your USB and MIDI cables. I'm constantly surprised by how often I'm contacted by users with spurious problems that simply disappear after swapping out the cables.

    For audio devices this is particularly important. If an audio device is temporarily disconnected, most drivers won't recover well and many will lead to a crash. For MIDI only devices the effect is generally more subtle (but also more frustrating) leading to dropped notes, stuck notes, random controllers triggering and other strange behaviour.

    You generally won't be able to spot a bad cable via physical inspection. Of course if the cable is frayed, the plug falling apart or not fitting securely in the socket that's a good indicator, but more often than not cables will fail without physical signs of wear.

    At the very least, I recommend having at least one spare cable for any device you're using. Even if you never need to replace the cable the spare can be used for diagnostics to at least confirm the cable isn't the cause of any problems. And if it is the problem you can be up and running again in minutes.