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Tip #8 - MIDI Channel Mapping

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  • Tip #8 - MIDI Channel Mapping

    One of the most basic concepts in MIDI is that of channels. A single MIDI connection supports up to 16 channels where each channel is a separate stream of information.

    (Basically what's happening here is each MIDI event is tagged with a channel number and the receiver can choose to listen to only the events on the channel(s) for which it's interested)

    All editions of Cantabile support MIDI routing by channel number and here's a quick walk through of how it works...

    Let's suppose you have two instrument plugins that you'd like to be able to play independantly. You could setup the routes as follows (take particular note of the last column).

    Here we've said to connect the Main Keyboard port to both the Piano and Organ plugin, but to send events on channel 1 to the piano and events on channel 2 to the organ.

    To configure the mapping just click in that last column and choose the source and target channel as desired:

    Most keyboards have a way to configure the MIDI channel they transmit on so by switching the channel you can switch the sound that will be played.

    Some keyboards can also split the keyboard and send notes played on one half the keyboard on one channel and the other half on another channel which in this example would give you a split organ/piano setup (although Cantabile Solo and Performer offer simpler and easier ways to configure splits which will be covered in an upcoming tip).