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[Cantabile Tips] #6 - Mapping MIDI Controllers

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  • [Cantabile Tips] #6 - Mapping MIDI Controllers

    Tip #6 - Mapping MIDI Controllers

    Cantabile Solo and Cantabile Performer support creating "bindings" between external MIDI gear and settings in Cantabile and loaded plugins.

    Bindings can be configured to do many different things, but the easiest way to get started is to simply right click on just about any Cantabile setting and choose Create Binding.

    For example, suppose you wanted to control the metronome tempo, using a slider or knob on your MIDI keyboard. Just right click on the setting in Cantabile and choose Create Binding:

    The Learn Binding window will appear and as you move the controller on your keyboard the MIDI events it is sending will be shown in the list. Now just hit OK and the binding will be created.

    You can edit bindings in the Bindings tab:

    There will be more tips on working with bindings coming soon, but in the meantime you can...